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This is the final week or my final road-trip for the year. I realise I shoulda kept a more formal log of how much travelling around SA I have done this year. Would have made a nice blog posts: Taken so many flights, driven so many kilometres, been to these towns so many times… Impressive figures and all that.

But between us, you and I know… it’s been a good and busy year and that DOES make me happy. One of the things I am talking about and dealing with in my novel is this concept of work and the role it plays in self actualisation and fulfilment. The fact that I have been so busy makes me feel good. It gives me a sense of purpose

That the business has been aligned right behind my picture intentions also fills me with a sense of accomplishment and it confirms in my head a chain of decision I took a while ago. That of course can all just be ego bullshit, but this time round I feel not. Instead of the usual anxiety about what next, and where to and why that I used to feel when I was unfocussed and driven in a reactive way mainly by ego I experience a weird calm at the eye of this little storm. I like that.

Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage
I am in Port Elizabeth today. My friends at the N-MB City Project have organised a music business workshop for me for Tuesday 11 December at The Athenaeum, Belmont Terrace, Central as well as a live poetry event the following night. Both kick off just after seven and have a R20.00 cove charge.

But cooler than that is that, as a result of THIS relationship, I am also going to be heading just out of PE to Uitenhage for the first time ever to do two workshops in own day: one in town, one in township. I am really looking forward to that.

Durban Success
And then it is back to Joburg and some holiday. Durban was a HUGE success. Not as many people as I would have liked to have seen, but doing a new thing in a town for the 1st time is always a bit like that. I hope to go back.

Organised by the amazing Poet Tumelo Khoza, it was a great event. Everyone who came was focussed, receptive and switched on. We went on a nit long because it was good fun. I left energised but drained. These sessions are hard work, I put out a lot, but the reward of the buzz back from the room is always worth it

Keeping On Keeping On
All my travelling and sharing has taught me that we are an amazing country. People are so creative, so hungry. But we are so fearful. Almost waiting for someone to give permission to be great, or to event try. Nothing I talk about in my sessions is rocket science really, but what I DO try to do is give everyone who comes, permission to do what they want to do, and some ammunition to help them get over the first hurdles.

So, I will still be blogging later in to the year, so this is just a note from the road about the road. Port Elizabeth is beautiful right now. If you live here, come and see the shows.
Visit the Facebook event pager for the workshop by clicking here!

And for my poetry show by clicking here!

And Happy Holidays to you all!

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