Music Biz Workshop At The Best of Ekapa Hip Hop

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Author David Chislett will be presenting a special, one-off workshop at the regular Best of Ekapa Hip Hop event at The Purple Turtle on Thursday 17th of March.

The Best of Ekapa Hip Hop Thursday nights at the Turtle, hosted by DJ real ROZZANO, are aimed at bringing the Cape Town hip-hop scene together in one place to mix and socialise, while showcasing the best talent in town with booked and open-mic sessions.

David Chislett is the author of “1,2,1,2: A Step By Step Guide To The SA Music Industry” a beginners text book on the business of the music industry. He has been presenting workshops designed to educate artists about the business principles underpinning their industry for the last 2 years.

“My aim is to give artists a better grounding in the principles of the business environment that they create in. I speak about issues like copyright, licensing, SAMRO, royalties and sampling. The idea is to both warn of the common pitfall out there, but also to make artists aware of what is possible and help them grow their art, their careers and the industry as a whole,” says Chislett of the workshops.

The book will be available at the work-shop only special price of R200.00 for autographed copies. There is also no special fee for attending the workshop session as the workshop is brought to you by the Best of Ekapa Hip Hop as a development opportunity for the scene.
Make sure you get on down to The Purple Turtle on the 17th for yet another Best Of Ekapa Hip Hop night, with a workshop session that could change your approach to business.
The Best Of Ikapa Hip Hop
The Purple Turtle, short Market Street, cape Town
17 march 2011
7pm- 2pm
Artists: David Chislett, real ROZZANO
FREE Entry

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