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One of the things I am keen to do while I am travelling is get tattoos related to the places I visit as I go. When and if I can. Tattooing has become really expensive though, so this is not really going to be possible everywhere I go. BUT when I am in New Zealand for example, I shall have to get some traditional work done!

So, with that in mind, I went into a tattoo shop here in Buckingham, England. I have seen some of their work on people I work with and around the area, so I knew they were pretty good. Their hourly rate was also, surprisingly, comparable to South Africa. So I was keen.

The next question was WHAT? The Swan is the symbol of Buckingham and you see it everywhere in the area, so that seemed logical. But I wasn’t sure how that would fit with the lexicon of what I have already tattooed on my good self. So I Googled it a bit and found that it not only as links as a symbol to Celtic mythology, but in terms of where I am in my life, was a really good match.

I found this description:
‘In general, the swan tattoo is a representation of grace, music, poetry, beauty and love. It also signifies serenity, purity, inner strength, transformation and perfection. For females it represents the moon and for males, the sun. It is the perfect balance of feminine and masculine attributes. The bird starts as an ugly duckling and later transforms itself to a beautiful swan in the perfect description of the transitions of one’s life.’

I also realised that, with the Celtic links, the wings could be made to blend with the work around the lion on my left bicep… another representation of the sun, making a physical, thematic and metaphorical link between the two pieces. I was a bit nervous about a tattoo on the tender skin inside the bicep as my last one there hurt like hell… but I was pleasantly surprised! Thanks Gina at Forever Wear Tattoo, Buckingham!

tattoo design
The initial line drawing design from Gina
The design stencilled onto my arms
The design stencilled onto my arm
The finished tattoo... no read ink, just blood and inflamation!
The finished tattoo… no read ink, just blood and inflamation!

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