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I am in the process of fine-tuning a selection of new workshops to help people with their creativity and their projects. Now that I am focused on Creativity itself as the core of my business, it means there are more angles that can be taken.

Creativity is important in this world. Without it we’d have no progress, no new trends or products and essentially, we’d all still be doing what we did two millennia ago because, well, that’s how they did it back them. (Sound like some companies you know?)

But what is important about creativity that a lot of people do not know or accept, is that is CAN be taught. It’s a skill like any other. It isn’t genetic, it isn’t only for the chosen few, it isn’t magic.

Governments around the world are cutting back on art education and education in the arts… They are doing this because they believe creativity IS a kind of magic. But soon no-one will do anything creative at school… and where will our innovators come from? Where will Hollywood, Broadway, the music industry and industrial design be then?

analogue stopwatchAs a counterweight to this global trend, I am developing workshop to activate creativity, to help people develop creative habits and patterns AND to learn how to manage their creative projects. Because, contrary to popular myth, planning, structure and routine are Not the opposite of creativity, they are supporters of it. Because it isn’t magic, and it can do with some help.

In the coming months I will be launching a few new ideas and products, so please keep checking in. Please also share your ideas on creativity and innovation in the comments… I am always keen to hear other points of view and to read further.

But for now, watch this space!

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