Zaanse multiple windmills

Don Quixote woulda loved this place!

In March 2014 I moved to Amsterdam and started looking for a job and the flightless Dave part of my travels came to an end. However, this has not meant that my travels are now over. In fact, in this year I did more international travel than I did in the entire last 10 years that I was resident in Johannesburg.

Schiphol is one of the biggest and busiest airports in Europe for a good reason: it really is a hub for travelling all over the globe. It is also a mere 17 minutes by train to central Amsterdam which is a massive improvement over many major cities physical relation to their airports.

But before we get to the international side of things, I have also been getting around the Netherlands. This year I have visited to the cities of Delft, Den Haag and Groningen. I have also been to the northern Dutch islands of Vlieland (for a music festival) and Texel.

The Netherlands is only twice as big as the Kruger Park in South Africa, but there is a lot of history and plenty of cities and architecture to see. And of course beer to taste!

Internationally, we also went to Belgium. I have been to a few of the cities in Belgium, but this was my first trip to the mountains of the Ardennes… If you love beer, food, architecture and walking, this is the neck of the woods for you… simply breath-taking.
I also returned to Berlin for the Faith No More concert at the Spandau Citadel. Seeing Berlin in the sun was a great experience after my rain-drenched visit in 2013. The town of Spandau was also worth a visit in its own right and of course the magnificent bastards were… magnificent!

Then I finally got to Rome… I have been meaning to visit the city since about 1991, so it was great to finally walk its streets. Rome is a silly place. There are so many magnificent buildings and churches everywhere that most of them aren’t even signposted! It was great to walk through the history pages it represents and of course EAT!

A brief city trip to London was also part of the list this year, which was, well London, you know? Good to see old friends, find some new places (Brewdog pub in Camden) and generally just take some time out. That might sound weird, but London is a great place to step out your normal route if you don’t live there!

Snow, Mountain, Sky

Snow, Mountain, Sky

Our big trip this year is to Malaysia and Borneo, which is why this will be my last blog post for 2015. We fly out this week and will send 3 weeks road-tripping around Malaysia, lying on the beach, meeting Orangutans and trying out Malay cuisine.

For a year during which I spent most of my time and focus on creating and solidifying a life for myself in a new country and city, we managed to get a lot of travel in and long may that continue too! I’ll be back in the New Year with more writing tips and entrepreneurial first aid.

Happy holidays and happy new year!