Not So Special eh?

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I have always thought of music tastes as a kind of unique feature, like a fingerprint. We all grow up with different influence in our immediate Spotify Logoenvironment and go through distinct phases as teenagers and young adults.

In my case, I was also a music journalist for many years, exposed to genres not of my choosing, some of which I grew to like. I was very sure that my tastes were eclectic, unique and hard to track.

Turns out I am very far from being a snowflake. Turns out an algorithm can pluck music from the aether of the internet and match it perfectly to my taste. Yes, I have discovered the ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist on Spotify.

It’s so good it’s creepy. It is eroding my self-esteem. My taste in music can be broken down to a certain tempo, time signature, genre and tone… it seems. I very rarely hear music I know on Weekly Discover. I never hear music I do not like.

It’s the last part that bothers me. I would have thought that, even given set parameters, there will be music that fits the bill that I don’t like but so far Spotify’s algorithm has neatly side-stepped it all.
I, I, … I just don’t feel that special anymore!

Spotify Discover Weekly

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