Now That’s What I Call A Week…

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Hello Friday my old friend, when I get to drink with you again. Raise a toast to a week softly sleeping; dream a dream to a weekend softly beginning…

OK OK, enough of that! So this was one hell of a week. Books arrived from printer Monday, launch was on Wednesday and serious post launch PR/event activity has sucked the rest of the week dry. Excellent.

I was so worried the books would not arrive in time for the launch that the rest of proceedings after that sort of passed in a blur. No photos of the launch for example. Great planning! Sigh.

I fly to CT on Sunday afternoon to present a workshop on artist management to the kids in the MK Rockspider programme. Its being filmed and broadcast sometime in October, details to be confirmed. A very cool thing to be doing.

The various orders of the book have gone out to my distributors and they should be on shelf from the end of next week… so don’t go charging into Exclusives just yet demanding to know where it is… NEXT Friday though might be an idea!

This Saturday sees the first steps into a new documentary film I am investigating with my partner in Crime Bill Botes… can’t say too much but lets just hint that it involves music and tattoos. Funny that. But we go on our first serious recce on Saturday along with stills photographer Tracy Edser… very talented young lady this one; we’re looking forward to working with her.

Oh and talking of talented friends, I was at the launch of Joanne Fedler’s new book at Love Books in Melville on Tuesday night… for some weird reason didn’t buy a copy on the night, now I am kicking myself. Sorry Joanne!

Apart from that, the novel is finally starting to tighten up, and the pieces I have been writing on an ad hoc basis are starting to coagulate into a style and vision that will begin to dictate progress. I am very pleased.

I spent Saturday afternoon last week jamming with my friend and neighbour Adriaan Jansen Van Vuuren. He is a keyboard player and has played with the like of Fuzigish and The Death valley Blues band. Just him on keys, me on bass, was a good laugh. Now I have to figure out if I can remember what I played! Its very different jamming with a keyboard player to a guitarist… for one I can’t recognise the chord shapes or anything, so have to keep asking, whereas with guitar I would just follow. Secondly, I haven’t played bass in ages, a tad rusty!

As for the weekend, got a special dinner on Saturday and plenty of down time apart fro the recce… sleep might be an idea too!

  1. Marina

    Holding thumbs the Cape Town launch goes as well as the Joburg one!

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