On The Road Again

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After what seemed like a very brief 3 weeks back in Johannesburg, I am back on the road again for the next 2 weeks. This year has been VERY nomadic for me and I admit I have enjoyed it immensely!

I am currently ensconced at The Dolphin Inn in Mouille Point Cape Town where I am having a peaceful couple of days off before heading out to Durban on Wednesday and Port Elizabeth on Sunday!

It is since I moved out of my flat at the end of July that all this moving about started and I have grown to enjoy the life! In fact, if I don’t get to travel somewhere every two weeks, I DO start to get a bit jittery.

This year has been a MONSTER on many levels, but more about that in a later post. For now, I have continued my recent pedestrian habits here in Cape Town, which has been a pleasure. The largely overcast and cool weather thus far has made for ideal walking conditions and I did over 15km’s around the city yesterday.

As always, being in CT is a kind of bitter sweet thing. I do like the place a lot, but remain glad that I no longer live here. Somehow the view of the bigger picture always seem obscured from below the mountain and that always frustrates me.

But always good to reconnect with the people I know. Oh and Cape Town is def more pedestrian friendly than Sandton… I have pavements! Yay!

Was Lady Gagga last night and I could hear bits of it from where I am staying at The Dolphin Inn… certainly looked like a big and enthusiastic crowd. Am SO over stadium shows myself, I just don’t like queuing that much!

Durban lies ahead tomorrow and I am looking forward to that too. It has been a long while since I was there!

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