One To One Knowledge Transfer

After a chat with a good friend teaching English in South Korea, I realised that tutoring services are a great way to share one’s knowledge and experience in a comfortable, flexible and powerful way. As a result, I have decided to start making such a service available that draws on my experience in training as well as language and digital media.

I have set up a Personal Tutoring page  on my website to this end and am in the process of reaching out in as many ways as I can to spread the word.
Ideally, tutoring should take place face-to-face so in many ways, I am aiming at a client base here in Amsterdam. However, of course Skype is the perfect tool for working with people from anywhere in the world, so I am definitely offering that too.

The process is to set up a first meeting (no charge) that identifies the needs of the client and then work out a plan of action to meet those needs which the client then agrees to. We then schedule regular meet ups (as many or as few as your budget allows) and we work out way through the plan, making sure we hit all your needs as we go along.

This is not a qualification of a certificate generating process. This is more for people who need skills they can apply immediately to improve an existing skills base. It would work very well if you are busy with or have done a course and now need to get in your practice and continue to grow.
Accordingly I am offering:
English tutoring:
For conversational or business English. I will help your pronunciation, idiomatic speech, grammar and vocabulary.
For business, social or creative ends.
Public Speaking
If your job requires you to speak in front of people and the thought has you quaking, I can help you acquire the skills and habits to make this a far less daunting task. Equally applicable for live speaking, TV or Radio appearances
Social media SkillsMany people use social media for more than just keeping in touch with friends or family. If you are frustrated with social media as a tool for enhancing your career, business or creative life, I can help you improve the situation.

So drop me a line, let’s chat and see how I can help you:
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