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I started a page to publish my poetry in July last year. In the last 8 months, I have shared poems and stories on average at least twice a week and gathered a small following to the page.

My Patreon Page

There is a lot of content that is posted free, to people who are not my Patrons or merely visitors to Patreon itself. And it’s going to stay that way. But, as the page and Patron numbers grow, I need to reward those who are contributing financially, in a more real and concrete way.

As a result, there is now a limit on the type of content that is posted in this way. From now onwards the juicy stuff will only be for Patrons.

Most practically this means audio and video versions of my poems will not be accessible by the broader public. Nor will the commentary on the poems. Poems, articles, event listings and polls will remain free. The rest will be for Patrons only.

Under the new construction, $1 Patrons will basically get exactly what they have been getting. But $5 Patrons will now get access to a monthly Podcast (which is a brand-new idea), free access to performances and be able to make requests for on-demand poems.

There are also created two new tiers. The $10 tier gets access to a monthly webchat and surprises, and the $50 tier gets a chapbook every 6 months as well as the option for a private performance.

Here is what it all looks like now:


  • Poems
  • Articles
  • Event listings
  • Polls

$1 and up

  • Delivery of my poetry collection, “For Your Or Someone Like You” on sign up 
  • Access to Patron Only content including:
  • Poetry Commentary and Interpretation notes.
  • Audio and video poems

$5 and up

  • Same as $1 PLUS
  • Free tickets to performances
  • Requests, on-demand content
  • Monthly podcast
  • Access to early drafts

$10 and up

  • All of the $5 PLUS
  • Access to Patron only webchats
  • Random surprise via email (unpublished poems, videos. Voicemails)

$50 and up

  • All of the $10 plus your own chapbook after 6 months, and then every 6 months
  • You choose the poems, I get them laid out, printed up and posted to you in your own, custom made chapbook (complete with personal dedication and message inside)
  • FREE (excl. travel) ‘On The Couch Performance’ in your home/venue provided

The update to the tiers is intended to reward Patrons with more concrete things that they will enjoy. It adds diversity to the offering and delivers on the promise to share the back story of the poetry and the creation process.

The updates also give an unprecedented opportunity to own unique published works and experience truly custom-made performances.

Become a Patron and get unique access to my creative process and products, as well as unexpected bonuses and audio visual poetry. Visit the page here:


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