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Moving has been a feature of my entire life. That considered I have tended to get somewhat offended when people call me a gypsy. But the truth is I have moved A LOT! Right now I am in the middle of a series of small moves before having no home at all except my back pack for however long.

So the time line looks like this:
1) 1970: Born Portsmouth England
2) 1974: Sail to SA with family. After a while of moving from Hilbrow to Honeydew to Windsor we settle in Berario, Johannesburg
3) 1983: Move To Yeoville
4) 1987: Move To Port Elizabeth
5) 1989: National Service, move back to JHB
6) 1994: Move To London
7) 1996: Back to Johannesburg
8) 1997: Back To London
9) 1997: Back to Johannesburg
10) 1998: Move to Cape Town
11) 2002: Move to London
12) 2003: Move back to JHB
The last ten years, I stayed pretty put in Johannesburg. I stayed in a house share in Roosevelt Park for a year, in a garden cottage in Saxonwold for 4 years and then in the same block of flats in Linden (Hola the Linden Massive!) for 4 years.
13) 2013: Move to England
14) 2013: Go Travelling

The last months of my time in Johannesburg were interesting as well. I left my flat at the end of August. I spent most of August, September, October and November living in guest houses as I delivered a training course to Media 24 journalists. Then I moved in with my mate Bill Botes for November through to end of April 2013. Since 2 May 2013, I have been living in a pub in Buckinghamshire, England. As of last night, I am now house-sitting for 2 weeks before heading off to Europe on the first stage of my travels…

The time since August last year I have come to view as travel boot-camp: gradually acclimatising me to owning less, occupying less space and being less attached to location. Since my intention is to spend as much time as I can over the next few years travelling the world, this was a crucial step. Unplanned of course, but crucial none the less.

A lot of people have asked me if I miss SA and if I am home-sick. The awful truth is that I am not. Firstly because of all this moving about, but secondly because I am so excited about the challenge ahead. As a person I tend to not look to the regrets of the past but the challenges of the future anyway. This is not because I have no regrets (although I do try not to) but rather because I have found that the things which we tend to regret are so fundamentally, totally unalterable that it is a fruitless and agonising process to regret them. Rather focus on not making that mistake again or from learning from it, avoiding such circumstances in the future.

So, the next two weeks will see the last few blogs in my mini ‘Story So Far’ series of blogs. I am quite relieved about this as frankly, I am quite bored of my own story because, you guessed it, my focus is as always on the future! However it has been fun trawling through some of the cooler things that have happened in my life.

From next month onwards, the blog section of this site will change into a travel blog in many ways as I begin my wandering initially around Europe and then further abroad. I aim to post more pics, maybe some video and slideshows as well as poetry and observations about life, the universe and everything!

So, if there is anything you want me to blog about in the next two weeks, this is your chance to say so! Leave a comment here and say what you wanna hear. I will try and complete as many requests as possible. Be warned that I may not respond to all requests for mysterious reasons of my own! Hahahah! But would be fun to hear what you want to know more about instead of me editing this process on my own by cherry-picking my own rosy highlights!

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