Personal Creativity in 3 Steps

I just want to help people be more creative. There’s a massive need for it and every second article I read about skills claims it is the top skill in demand for the future.

But if I use the word creativity, everyone’s brains default to thinking about Art.

Art is not creativity
Art is a product of creativity.

Creativity is so much more. It seems worryingly convenient that modern humans pigeonhole it so quickly. How valued is art in our current society? Not at all. Funding for art is being stripped, it is being removed from our education systems and artists struggle to make money in their careers. It’s clear: no-one cares.

If most of society thinks creativity is only art, and they do not care for art, it’s obvious why it’s a scarce skill: no environment embraces it or supports it.

Luckily, biology is more powerful than psychology in this regard and everyone is and remains creative. What’s more, we all practice creativity every single day, providing a model that could be followed in many areas of life.

That’s what I do: help people realise that, not only are they already creative, but that they act creatively every single day. Then we focus on growing that realisation into a repeatable skill by building an understanding of the process and its requirements, both biological and psychological.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to start writing poetry or have realised your job is under threat from AI… if you want to be able to think more creatively, you can. And I can help you achieve that.

You can get yourself started today:
1) Ask yourself if there are more answers to a problem than A and B, black or white
2) Spend some time just watching the people walking past your building: who are they?
3) Read a good book on a topic you are passionate about

Creatively thrives with uncertainty. Binary systems kneecap it. Go and swim in the soup.

If you feel the need to improve or discover your creative skills, I want to help you. Please get in touch and let’s talk about what you need.

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