Personal Freedom Collab

Ingrid Lotter has created a remarkable piece of art as an interpretation of the poem, 'Personal Freedom.'
As an artist, Ingrid works with a wide range of mediums, creating work that is sometimes practical and sometimes purely aesthetic.
For this poetry collab, she has produced a graphic work including paint, ink, string, glue and paper.


You can find Ingrid Lotter online here:


I hope you enjoy this collab and the video.

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And here is the full text in case you want to read it at your leisure and not while watching the video:


Personal Freedom

Loss has taken things from me

Pride has led me to falls

If I was a cat, curiosity

Would have robbed me of all 9 lives

Migration, misjudgement, misplaced trust

Have taken objects

While poor planning and positivity

Mean I have no buffer for my old age

And yet

What I find the hardest to do

Is letting go

Of my disappointment, my anger, my outrage,

My self-pity, my disbelief, my struggles.

As if they are who I really am

And not stories about what I have done




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