Perverse, Sick and Twisted Monday Lover

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Yeah I know, it’s weird. And to make it worse, I am a committed early bird too. The secret is out, I love Mondays!

I do! I love them so much that I make sure I have very particular Sundays as well so that no rogue elements can disrupt the pure, unadulterated power of a good Monday.

The M Day Is Connected To The F Day
Perhaps I should explain. My experience is that, if I have a stonking, powerful, hard working, fruitful Monday, then my week flies! It soars, it shrieks and kills. Sorry, in English, it is very productive, I get stuff done, and I move chess pieces across the board.

If I have a rough Sunday, don’t sleep or am hung-over, Monday is more like a Dodo or an Albatross and my week mostly just doesn’t get off the ground. On Mondays I lay down my markers, make the bets I want and set my intention out there, looking for results.

New Week, New Routine
Today is an interesting Monday. I have been told that I will be training in the afternoons for the next four weeks. This means I have from 5am until 1pm every day to myself. And then I have to arrive at a building, stand in front of 8 people for about 4 hours and be fascinating, inspiring, fact filled and helpful. A Challenge for someone who mostly goes totally non-verbal at around 2:30pm.

I was a lecture theatre drooler at University. Yup, those few afternoon lectures I went to, I always fell asleep and awoke gummed to the desk by my own saliva.

Load That Gun And Point It!
In order to try and avoid this, I need to arrive at the training room, full of vim and vigour, and what better way that by having a fulfilling, positive morning? And Monday morning is of course the most important one of those AM beasts!

So, in true OCD ADHD style, I have set up a long and detailed morning to-do list for every day this week to help me establish this new habit. Yeah I know, anal. But I have been battling to write and get going and a friend pointed out over the weekend that this may be because I don’t have enough to do… I fear they are right, so I am loading that diary baby!

Read It And Weep
So, at the time of writing this I have:
* Written 1200 words in the novel
* Exercised
* Showered and shaved
* Had breakfast
* Written this blog post
* Fixed my internet connection
* Sent 20 business emails

By the time you read this, I will be chasing up on press releases, emailing foreign countries about booking me, working on a proposal for a new blog I wanna start and practising my guitar playing.

Wanna vomit yet?

I thought so.
I love it!

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