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It’s been basically 6 months since I unleashed For Your Or Someone Like You on the world, so I thought it was time for a check in and report back. Mainly for me of course, but also for you, ever invisible, unknown reader!

So, I think it has gone pretty well really. I was nervous about how a collection of poetry would be received. It’s not like most people even knew I WROTE poetry, let alone that it would publish. I am pleased that the reception has been positive… Well, let me say that any negative impressions have been kept carefully away from my ears.

Poetry In The Press
I got some really nice reviews, notably The Citizen, Die Beeld, Die Burger and Sondag. The Mail and Guardian refused to say if they would or indeed had reviewed it and no other English print media seems to have picked up on it. Had a nice couple of radio interview too, which were fun. Michelle Constant on SA FM and Bruce Denil on Radio Today come to mind.

But, as I was gloomily told, most media are just not interested in reading poetry. It is seen as a dusty old subject it seems, not worthy of space because most people don’t read it. Well, these people should go to Soweto on a Sunday and visit all eh spoken word session that go down every week. They should go the African Freedom Station, To Nsako, To Durban and PE were I have taken part in amazing, live poetry sessions… this thing is LIVING. Just not in malls and Exclusive Book stores…

Poetry On The Run
This is why I took my poetry out the book and into the ether. Originally, never having written a song in my life, I asked my musical friends to do this for me. That is why there is an album with super cool, musical interpretations of my work available with the book. But then I discovered that I could write songs and I started gigging with them. In the six months the book has been out, I have played over twenty live shows, with more to come in the near future.

I have loved doing that. It sells books, gives me instant biofeedback and stops me from degenerating into bitter middle age. It has also forced me to become a better guitar player… something I have been meaning to do since I first learned to play in 1987!

Poetry In Your Hand
I only made 500 copies of the book and it looks like there are only about 250 left… So if you are a fan (but don’t have a copy) curious (and would like a copy) collect independent publishing pieces (and don’t have this one), I am glad that I can say, you can still buy it!

You can buy just the book, or the book or CD, whether you are in SA or overseas. It s a PayPal system, but all you need is a debit or a credit card, you DO NOT need a PayPal account, and then I post it to you, simple!

If you live in SA, you will see you can do all sorts of other things too, like buy a private performance or dinner or a writing coaching session! Hahahaha! Yeah, cheeky!
Anyway, it’s all here, check it out:

Hope to see you all at a live show sometime soon!

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