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As regular readers will know from last year, I have been getting around on foot, bus, taxi and train the last while. So, this Saturday I was invited to what looked like it was going to be a big party. So, I wasn’t gonna drive.

There is a new company in JHB that is offering Tuk Tuks as taxi’s and their rates seem pretty damn good so I thought, “Hey, I can borrow a car, run the risk of getting arrested or killing myself and a few other people driving home drunk in the rain on Saturday, or I can get a Tuk Tuk!”

So, went onto website on FRIDAY, made a request, and got reservation confirmed. Then on Saturday, confirmed booking and made my way to pick up point. Ten minutes later… no Tuk Tuk. I phone despatch. They don’t know, they will call me back. Another ten minutes, and I am like, fuck this!

I might add that I was waiting on a street corner and it was raining. Twenty five minutes after the appointed time despatch called me back to say they were on their way. At which point I told them to stuff it and walked back home in the rain to try and book another taxi. Which I couldn’t cos it was peak hour for them.

As everyone who reads this blog will know, I have been so impressed with our public transport. This is my first bad experience. Weird thing, this is a brand-new company. Way to go, nice way to build reputation. So I wrote about it on face book, and twitter, I even posted on their FB page.

No response at all. I don’t think they have even seen my post on their page insulting them and their service. They certainly haven’t responded. I am considering sending something to Not because I am that upset ort I think that anything will happen. But just cos I am gatvol of this category of bullshit in South Africa. And I am sick of just sucking it up.

You’ll notice I don’t even mention them by name… I don’t even want any bad PR to send em business. Long and short of it, don’t catch a Tuk Tuk in JHB… they are useless!

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