Ready, Steady…

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It’s been a while since my last confession, er, blog post. Essentially talking about the day to day minutiae of working pub life just has not seemed that inspiring! (or that fair to the innocent!)

But that chapter of DCWT (David Chislett World Tour) is rapidly coming to a close. I leave the pub in one month and head off on my actual travels. This moment seems to have been so long in the making, I am glad it is finally here.

I have also finally got word back from a couple of publishers back in SA on my completed first draft of my novel JOHANNESBURG. It needs work, and quite a bit of it, so there will be no more news on that front for some time. I am not really in the right headspace for a tightly focused re-write right now!

Instead, I am focusing on spending a couple of weeks rambling through the French wine-lands and on down to the South of France and then Barcelona for a friend’s wedding. Also on the list are Bruges, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and finally, Moscow.

No details as yet, that will make up the forth coming posts as I work it all out. I almost decided not to go… but having expended so much time, energy and money getting to here, I have decided to listen to my gut and just go.

I still don’t really know why I am doing this other than my most facile response: Because I can. Therefore I have to trust that on some level I am after something that consciously I cannot process. Of course it’s the final nail in my Outsider coffin, kicking lose of even place for an undetermined period of time. But of course, it’s all about being more comfortable in who I am at the end of the day.

So you can expect a bit more from me for a while now… maybe even some pics! Woo woo!

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