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As by now you are all aware, my latest book is back from the printers, its accompanying CD has been made and distribution is under way. The official launch is set to take place on Tuesday 10 July and I am getting pretty excited!

The launch is going to happen at this great little club in Greenside called Tokyo Star. It’s not a place I normally go as I am not a huge fan of the kind of music they play and so on, but as a space it is awesome. I also happen to know the owners, having done business with them for MANY years. I launched A Body Remembered there and had my 40th birthday party there. When I went and spoke to Sasha, one of the owners, about my ideas for a launch and she insisted they provide the snacks for the evening… free or charge! Thank you Sash and Tokyo Star!

When I was in the Cape on holiday I got my hands on a lot of unlabeled wine too. So for the launch we have great Japanese fusion snacks from Tokyo Star as well as a certain amount of free wine for the guests. Then it is cash bar I am afraid… I don’t like book launches in book shops because I find they automatically fall into the same template, attract the same people and are dull affairs.

On the tenth there will be the wine and the snacks and of course, yes, there will be speeches! BUT after that I will give a bit of a talk and play some of the poems with my guitar. I will be joined in this by some of the people that recorded musical versions of my poems for the audio CD that is available with the book… The exact names are still to be confirmed, but it’s going to be fun, and very different for a poetry book launch!

After that, my tailor made music play-list kicks in. It’s a Tuesday night, so I can’t imagine epic partying until dawn, but I am sure a few people will be tempted to stay a bit longer and chat, so I put together some cool stuff that is fun and danceable and maybe a bit left of centre. All I will say now is think big band, ska and madness!

So obviously, books and CD’s will be on sale on the night and in fact, will be sold from the bar, so bring cash or card and you will be able to get your copy on the night
Book: R100.00
Book and CD: R150.00

If you’re in JHB on the tenth, please come along. You can consider this your invitation!
For more info on the book, please visit

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