Return To The Island

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Landed at Heathrow at 19:37 exactly. Was in Putney by 20:15. A certain grim satisfaction at a wholly efficient use of an existing public transport system that I have never heard born and bred Londoners express: familiarity breeds contempt.

I am back in England/Mud Island/Blighty. Again. I was born here. 42 years and 8 months ago. So I guess it’s a bit like returning to the ancestral seat as it were. My dad was born a Londoner, my mother of London dwellers. The place doesn’t change. Much.

I am going to be spending the next 6 months in England (more about were and how later) and will be using the time to reflect, relax and write (maybe). No doubt this will also involve extensive plotting and scheming about my immediate future, but for the first while at least, actually none of that!

I am going to be staying out in the countryside, not in London. This is a change in particular that I am very much looking forward to. I believe there is a book being kept already on how long (or short) it will be before I go stir crazy, but I myself am positive and looking forward to the peace and quiet.

My new life starts officially on Thursday when I start my first sift of work, but more on that after the fact. I am hoping to be taking more photos and maybe even doing a couple of video tings while I am here and travelling about, but yeah, I have been promising that on this blog for some time now with no actual delivery.

So this is more of a quick notice than a piece. If you didn’t know I was going travelling, now you do! I’ll be back soon with more

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