Rock In Paradise

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Basically six weeks to go until my next BIG adventure starts. I am pretty excited. Oh, I still have a guitar to sell if anyone wants a hollow body electric Epiphone E175? *grin*

My previous post announcing my plans got the most traffic any single post of mine has ever received on my blog. And thank you to those of you who took the time to email and message me about it, much appreciated.

Struck me that, people my age already are on their new big adventure: they got married and had kids and their lives changed. I guess that’s what I am after. No matter my intentions, that just never happened over here, so I am left with an almost biological yearning for that adventure… well biology: here it comes!

Today I started work on the first of the last 12 chapters of my novel. And it felt good to see how short the list of what is still to be written is getting. I also planned the next 3 chapters in some detail, putting myself in the best position to do a lot of writing this week still. Liberating, the fog of the last couple of weeks is clearing as the repercussions of my decisions trickle down the back of my sub conscious.

Last night I went to Phil Wright’s wake. This old-school 5FM DJ died about ten days ago, and his best mate, Marq Vas not only organised everything but flew from the UK for 2 days to be here. How many of us can say we have friends like that? I did not know Phil that well, but as an old hand in the biz when I arrived there, he was a supportive, down to earth good-guy who did more for SA music and musicians than his spotlight-shunning nature would seem to indicate.

Chris Prior got up to speak as part of the evening and said that his generation was the last of real rock DJ’s… and he was right. Chris, Rafe Levine, Phil Wright, Barney Simon… these were the guys that played the good stuff, the stuff you never hear anymore. Time and fashion move on and are remorselessly unsentimental. If the rock milieu had continued, I might have been next in line, poised as I was with my foot in the door, my hand on the handle. But life twists and turns continuously.

Seeing these old faces made me think a lot about what my career here has meant to other people and to myself. It is so hard to quantify. Phil Wright was a great guy; but largely unsung, unappreciated. Seems that is the lot of many, many nice guys in music. The “Rock In Paradise” refrain that was repeated through the evening really resonated with me… who the fuck wants to rest in peace motherfuckers?!?!?!?

It was with that thought in my skull that I went into the night. And it is that thought that I clutch to my chest as people ask me what the hell I think I am doing packing up this current life right now, and heading back over the horizon…

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