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Rock Your Writing Explained

I am proud to announce the launch of Rock Your Writing: an 8-module online course designed to help you compose better writing for any purpose you may need it.

The interview below should answer most of your questions about the course.

Most of us were never taught how to properly compose a piece of writing. Rock Your Writing addresses this gap by focusing on

  •         Sentence construction (word order)
  •         Correct use of tenses  and time words
  •         Removing wordiness and extra meaning
  •         Building longer texts with paragraphs
  •         Developing a distinct clear, high-impact writing style.

 This course is for people who want to increase the impact of their writing, to make it more clear, easier and faster to write, and easier for readers to read.

Rock Your Writing is 8 modules long and can be completed in 1 week or 8, depending on how fast you are comfortable with going. You set the pace that suits your needs.

 It features explainer videos, downloadable workbooks, online quizzes, and tasks to be completed.

Presented in an informal and relaxed manner, Rock Your Writing is full of humour, sharp visuals and check-in moments to help you keep focused and motivated. Priced at $175.00 (excluding VAT where applicable), it is an affordable and comprehensive guide to writing better… no matter what purpose you need to put your writing skills to.


Rock Your Writing Explained

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