Rocking The Gardens

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I was privileged enough to act as MC for Rocking The Gardens for the 2nd year running at Emmerentia this weekend passed. Man, what a show!

This year the event took place over 2 days and presented a truly eclectic line-up of artists. The one thing that seriously impressed me was that, as MC, when I asked them for up to date info to include in their introduction to the audience, nearly all of them mentioned past or upcoming international tours.

It seems that many, many of our artists are making inroads into the global music scene, mostly unbeknownst to us, the general public. Artists like Rambling Bones, Jack Mantis Band, Napalma, Tidal Waves, Dirty Skirts, Prime Circle, Farryl Purkiss, City Bowl Mizers, Hot Water and The flash republic have all been working the circuit out there, spreading the word about their music and growing their careers. This is a far cry from the bad old days when it was a struggle to play around our own country!

The weather in Joburg really came out to play and it was sunny and hot both days, with the rain holding off right until the end.  As a result, JHB really did come out to play and I spotted many familiar faces in the crowd, relaxing in the sun with kids, dogs and picnics.

It was an awesome 2 days and a big shout out must go to the rocking The Daisies guys, their collaborator, Oppikoppi Productions, Old Mutual, Nokia, Windhoek draught and Jose Cuervo. The only sour note is that of course, it s a loud event, and the residents are not happy campers. Due to technical hitches and delays, this meant the Springbok Nude Girls could only play a 5 song set before the curfew limit was reached… a massive disappointment for them and the crowd.

While of course it would have just been better to avoid the delays, these things happen. I can’t help but think that next year this show will take place somewhere else as a result.

The last word? A big up to our musicians and our audience, both who have grown in stature and experience. It was great to spend the weekend with you all!

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