Round Western Europe in 84 Days

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So, yesterday I arrived in Adelboden, Switzerland, my temporary residence until the end of February 2014. I left England on the 27th of August headed for Spain and here I now am. It’s going to get some getting used to, but I am looking forward to it.

The money I saved working at The Old Thatched Inn, Adstock, England has brought me all the way here, with some pocket money to survive until my first pay-check, despite the direst predictions.

Yes, Spain, France and Germany were expensive. The Netherlands too, to an extent, but mainly my largest outlays were transport and accommodation. Once the transport got cheap and I spent a significant of time crashing with friends, it got a lot easier to navigate.

I owe loads of people a huge debt of thanks, and a return crash pad if ever needed:
Jonah Hull and Nicky Wimble CADAQUES
Kari Boo (Cymon) TOULOUSE
Tony Chislett, Ron and Collette  LE DORAT
Alex Gatland and Eli Gifford TORTEFONTAINE
Julian Kievit, Carien van Leeuwen and Iris Reshef AMSTERDAM
Leon Retief and Claudia Mascia  BERLIN
Kasia Piel and Mateusz Felsman WARSAW
Keith Jones and Bara Stefanova PRAGUE

Without you guys my trip would not have been anywhere near as much fun, or even in fact do-able, so thanks a HUGE amount!

Special mention also needs to go to the Bauhaus Backpacker in Bruges where I stayed for 5 nights and had a whale of a time with the staff and the other travellers.

This is the point where all my planning comes to, well, a point. I have been aiming to arrive here since I left London on 27 August. I have many ideas about what will happen next, but no plans. I have 3 months to figure that out. After my experiences the last 3 months, I think I am going to adjust my model for travelling and may just change things ar9ound.

But right now I want to just kick some road dust off my shoes and reflect and maybe write a bit more about it all than I have been up until now.

I am still alive, still active and currently in Switzerland. More to follow soon I suspect.

  1. Mark Trump

    Awesome stuff, look forward to reading more and having the opportunity to live vicariously through your writing, whilst cocooned in my studio. Cheers.

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