Second Chapter Down

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This week I have completed two entire chapters. This is the most writing I have done on the book in its entire genesis. I am aiming to get up to 3 or even four chapters a week in the coming days. The story is gaining momentum for me, and, as it rushes to its conclusion, I like the feeling of pace that the accelerated writing process gives to the narrative.

Days To Structure
According to my original writing schedule, I was going to write each part in a season. So part one was Summer etc etc. I am now back in summer writing part 3 which is winter. In other words, I was supposed to be finished in September/October when spring happened.  Although, as the days are growing shorter it is easier to write in a manner more befitting of winter.

Once I saw what I was doing, I actually decide that the book would take place over one calendar year. Each part therefore is themed according to the plot, but is also colour coded to the season. So summer is brash and loud and green and bright blue. Autumn is russet and orange. Winter is grey and light blue and spring will be a riot of colour. Well, that’s the idea. A last minute bolt on. A good example of how the book, despite rigorous planning, is still living under my fingers every single day I write.

The Road Ahead
After completing 26 chapters, I finally feel immersed in the world that I have been creating. Writing more and more becomes a self-sustaining effort as I find it easier and easier to write 3 to 5 thousand words in one sitting than I was finding it to do 2 thousand.  The poor bastards I have created are having a pretty torrid time of it though, but that is the nature of winter: A time of small deaths and apparent lack of progress where everything is hidden. For me this is very informed by TS Elliot… the Waste land and the Fisher King… waiting for the spring flowers to erupt from beneath the soil where change has gradually been taking place. Winter is like depression. Not nice to experience but a necessary process that brings palpable rewards if you pay attention.

The amazing g thing is that I had a pretty bad week inside my own head, which if course complicated writing. That I persisted with this much writing at all is something I am rather proud of. It has momentum now. So, from Monday it’s back to heavy output once more. We’ll see. I am sure I can get that writing fit. So, I want to be finished by end February. There I said it. Target completion date: 28 February. Now to see if I can get there…

Last words come from our main man Andrew… he’s battling some demons of his own….

“I open the car, step in, and flop back. Key in ignition, unlock steering wheel, turn on lights. Engage gear. This reminds me of something. This reminds me of driving home after that wretched party in the north and that chick, what was her name? Sarah. Jesus. I am a hamster on a wheel man, going round and round with the same shit. And it’s my industry that makes the wheels go round. This sucks. I need to fight this urge more. I gotta build up some trust in my ability to say no to my own shit. Forget other people tempting me. I gotta step away from this story that this is OK, that it makes me feel better. It doesn’t. It’s going nowhere. And it’s getting fucken cold too. This is not good. Alone again through the winter. I need to get a life.”
© David Chislett 2013

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