Self-Employed and Wondering…

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Working for yourself, be it as a freelancer, running your own company or any other permutation, is an interesting way to make a living. Everyone says that it’s the way to go, but the truth of it is that our world is ill-equipped to deal with people whose work doesn’t fit into a neatly box-able ‘job.’

Just apply for any kind of loan, throw out your employment status over a dinner table or talk about holiday leave, sick leave and pension schemes and you’ll see quite quickly what I mean. Without the great god Pay Check on your side, a lot of these taken-for-granted things become problematic.

They say that this is the price you pay for happiness, for being free. But ‘they’ have no clue what they are talking about. This is tax for being free, these are impediments to breaking loose and it’s no coincidence that they exist.

It’s also no coincidence that most people don’t know about these challenges when they leave employment. It’s no coincidence that no-one really talks about it. Most of us free ones are secretly ashamed of how difficult doing this can sometimes be and how many times we have failed to get what we want and do what we want to do.

I love doing what I do. But I have a pathology: I just can’t take orders from anyone. I have to be able to pay the tax. A lot more people are out here because they have great ideas and they want to see them fly. Did you know that most business courses internationally still do NOT have any focus on entrepreneurship? It’s still ALL about corporates?

Leave it alone for a bit

Corporates are what is killing our world, both literally and figuratively. Their control freak agenda to own as much as possible and to make as much profit in as short a time as possible are probably the greatest drivers of the boom and bust cycle of modern economics, of 3rd world poverty and the continuing divide between rich and poor.

Worse than this, working at a corporate entity is bad for your stress levels, your health esteem and your health. But it’s all we know, so it’s all we do. It sucks and it needs to change. How corporates are allowed to trade and how they are taxed needs to change. How they are defined and how they measure value needs to change. But more than that, how we as human beings see value and how we trade needs to change as well.

Maybe I am just getting old, but I just don’t get how most people prefer short term personal gain to overall, long term gain for everyone around them… including their children. Is global warming real? Who knows. It depends where and what you read. Is using less fossil fuel and putting less pollutants into our air and our seas still important? Yes. SO why can’t we just pull together and do that?

Does socialism work, is it even a good idea? Who knows? But is looking after the most vulnerable in our societies and making sure everyone has access to a good life a noble and worthy thing to pursue? Absolutely. So why we can’t do that either?

Somehow all of this stuff ties up… it’s all connected. Somehow, empowering more people to do what they love and work for themselves is linked to making our world a better place. I am not sure how just yet, but I am sure of the link.

I’ve visited these thoughts before… as I get towards 50, they keep coming back stronger and stronger. It’s like I am becoming more radical as I age instead of more conservative. The opposite of a good wine. Maybe more like a whiskey….

I like whiskey.



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  1. Andrew Chilton

    I too like whiskey

  2. Samantha

    This is somewhat inspiring to a person who has attempted to go freelance but currently feels like she is failing. Most days I have an existential crisis wondering if I did the right thing. Leaving my job made happier but at a grave price. No steady income. No safety net. No idea what I am doing. I only have a few months left before my funds run out and I am terrified that I may have to go back to the corporate world I have come to dislike

  3. Samantha Snedorf

    This comes at a time when I am struggling with my own freelancing career. It is a small glimmer of hope knowing that someone else has at some point almost given up because currently I am on the verge. I quit my full time job to pursue a life long dream but the reality is extremely harsh. With no steady income, no clients and no idea what I am doing, all I can do is try but I am afraid that all too soon I may be forced to return back to corporate because I just cant seem to get my foot in the door. I wish we all had a personal guide telling us exactly how to do things. Just a tiny benevolent man to sit upon my shoulder and whisper in my ear when needed. Thank you for this and I look forward to reading the entire ebook

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