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Email lists and newsletters have become somewhat less than useless: just another thing that people delete really fast from their inbox.

I have been running one for ages and I am always disappointed when I view the reader and click through stats. But to be honest, if I think about my OWN behaviour, it’s not surprising. I subscribe to newsletters all the time… I very often don’t read them.

I don’t read them because I know this is a one-to-many communication pipeline, a pretty automated, impersonal content dump on my inbox. But I continue to do it to others. Why?

Well, because I know that keeping up with people and topics that interest you on social media is hard. Because I know relationships are the foundation of good business. Because my primary aim is to help people and sharing free, valuable content is a good way to do this. But yeah, my conversion/conversation rate stinks!

I have read a ton of advice on LinkedIn and Medium (thanks Josh Spector ) on how to improve this. The first step is to get to know my newsletter subscribers better… to start a conversation with them, to help them right away.

That’s why as of now when you sign up for my newsletter from you will now get this message:

Thank you for signing up to my email. Your subscription to my list has been confirmed.
I want to help you to be more creative in a reliable, repeatable and rebellious way. The better I get to know you, the more I can help with that.

So, if you reply to this email and tell me what you are stuck with or need some new ideas about, two things will happen:
1) I will reply with some concrete suggestions to help you get unstuck
2) I’ll recommend some reading that I think will continue to help you (a book, a website, maybe even just an article)

It’s always nicer if I have more understanding of who is reading my stuff and this is one of the ways I can achieve that…
As promised, below is the link to the 5 things you can do today to make your future more creative. Enjoy them.

As you can see from the last lines, you also always get something for free from me anyway! I sent a similar message to my existing subscribers and was very glad to be able to help some of them with some ideas, to jog them out of a rut, to help solve a problem… all using the creative thinking skills I practice and share every day.

Newsletter lists require HUGE numbers for the conversion rates to make any economic sense at all. I don’t want those huge numbers. But what I do want is more of a relationship with my subscribers… this is just one way that I am hoping to achieve that.

If you’re stuck and curious, maybe you should subscribe? (there’s a link at the bottom of my home page!)

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