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I am returning to Oppikoppi this year in yet another new capacity… this time I am MC-ing the Bushveld Cinema. Yup, our idea of screening SA music documentary films has come to fruition so the VIZA, MK Bushveld cinema takes place Saturday and Sunday at the top bar at Oppikoppi.

So, like Sisyphus, i return to climb the hill only to roll back down once I reach the top! *grin*
This is the line-up for the festival:

Saturday 6 August 2011:
12:00 Afrikaaps
14:15 James Phillips: Famous for not being famous
16:30 Who killed Johannes Kerkorrel
17:30 Roger Ballen – Menento Mori
19:15 Johnny en die Maaiers

Sunday 7 August 2011:
11:00 Porselynkas
13:30 Voëlvry
16:30 Punk in Africa
19:00 Bellville Rock City
19:30 Fokofpolisiekar: Forgive them for they know not what they do

As you probably know by now, our documentary, Punk In Africa was premiered in Durban last week and screened in JHB this week. Now all of Koppi gets a chance to see the film. It’s going to be grand. I now has attended Oppikoppi as a musician, a manager, a journalist, an MC, a VIP guest and now as a film maker. Woo woo, that’s gotta be some kind of record!

So, from 11am when you’ve got nothing to do, come and take in some flieks and chill and more importantly, come and say hello!

This event is basically a precursor for the big Viza film fest to take place in JHB in october. Join our Facebook page here to be kept up to date with venues, dates and films!

See you on the Koppi!

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  1. anne

    When’s the cape town launch of the film?

  2. David

    we’re still working on that!

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