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Rainy Monday morning in Amsterdam after a glorious sunny weekend… Somewhat of a come down, but still, I can’t complain. Had an interesting response to my Facebook post about what to write next. Facebook really is a work day, office hour’s kind of thing for most people I see. Only real digital addicts respond to things over the weekend. And I am still trying to figure out if this ‘Facebook page for a business’ versus a ‘Profile one uses for business’ thing. As far as I can tell, the reach of a page is SEVERELY limited by the newsfeed operation. Basically unless at least two people share my each and every update and I get more than 10 like, no more than ten people see each update. Using links makes it worse. Pictures work quite well, but really, it’s the interaction that counts and that is pretty much all. It’s a powerful lesson. And I now begin to realise why so many click farming’ headlines now exist… You simply can’t get traffic if people don’t click. The more they click the more exponential traffic you receive.

I used to buy this. I don't anymore
I used to buy this. I don’t anymore

The more I look at it, the less the scenario appeals to me. I had been trying to migrate my ´friends´ from my profile to my page… but now they see even less of what I do. And I am also losing both friends and likes from each destination. Not as many as I gain, but still. It’s a weird dynamic. It’s becoming too complex to really be useful. My friend Bruce Fennessy swears blind that if I just did a few more things that he advises, this trend would reverse. I suspect he is right. He does that for a living after all. (And he is really really good at it) But the thing is, I feel that doing these things would would turn me into a constantly Social Media-ing being… a click farming, sensationalizing, over-sharing troll. The amount of what I do on Facebook is bad enough already. I am not prepared to take that next step! Why talk about all of this now? Well because the 3rd draft of the novel is finished and I am moving on to

Like whoring. It's like buying the cool kids drinks at the bar. Sleazy
Like whoring. It’s like buying the cool kids drinks at the bar. Sleazy

the next project. I will have nothing really new to share for a while when it comes to books and writing. Is there any point posting updates on the writing of a first draft of a novel when it will be most probably at least 2 years before the final product sees the light of day? Not really. I mean, who am I trying to kid? I am not Stephen King. I don’t even have a publishing deal. I end up just contributing to the clutter that I rail against myself. In addition, I sit far away from my major ‘friend’ base, in a new country where no-one knows me at all. It casts a certain perspective about what to share and whatnot.  I think I am going to dial this social media stuff back a bit. Only really post when I have done something (like written a blog post) or have some real news. No more writing updates, no more ‘please buy my e-book’ requests. Maybe those things will end up in blog posts, but as a rule, no, no more on-going Facebook or Twitter campaigning. For a while. I want to see how that goes! social-media-marketing-good-bad

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