Solve More Problems: Stretch Your Self

Company cultures don’t always leave room for a total focus on innovation and change. But all companies love a problem solver.

What most don’t realise is that this is the same skill… just 2 different outcomes of it. One of the most effective ways to enhance your personal work performance is to become better at problem-solving.

What Is Problem-Solving?

It’s a process of working through the details of a problem to create a solution. It can use a number of systems: maths, systems ops, logic, visual thinking… anything.

But the key is that the process ‘finds’ a solution. An interesting word ‘find’. What doe sit mean here? That the solution was already there and all you had to do was find it, under the desk or behind a cupboard?

No, of course not. What is meant is that you had to look at all the details of the problem carefully and figure out the relationship between them, and then find a way to solve the challenge of those details by trying out a variety of solutions. In essence, you are looking for connections between pieces of information that help you solve the problem. Otherwise known as joining the dots.

What’s The Problem?
The trouble is that human brains are lazy: they tend to move towards known patterns and connections and shy away from the unknown. This of course results in more of the same, not solutions. In business, the ability to go beyond the known patterns and answers is critical and it requires creativity.

Whether you are a consultant, a manager, an analyst, operations, finance or logistics person, you need to be great at solving problems. And if you want to improve your workflow, grow your business and get ahead of the world, you need new, previously unseen solutions… and for that, you need to get creative.

If you’re not certain you can do that, maybe you should contact me and I can design a programme to help you become the net disruptive innovator in your industry… or just to get much, much better at solving problems.

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