Something This Way Comes

I have not been blogging much lately… mainly because I have been really busy doing things. Part of this was completing the Entrepreneurs Emotional Toolbox book.

I am really please to let you know now that all my content edits and re-writes are complete. The book goes to my sub-editor this week for a final shine and polish and then goes into lay-out… I will be launching it before the end of April 2017, so watch this space.

There are also plans afoot for some kind of launch as well as workshops, presentations and talks in and around Amsterdam and also online.

Watch this space for more news and details on the book and related activities in the next two months. It has been an entirely blog driven process, so it is nice to announce its impending completion here. I hope that regular readers will recognise the content and for some, their input as well.

2 Responses

  1. Colleen Lewis

    Looking forward to it. I could do with some emotional tools. Struggling entrepreneurs are prone to anxiety attacks, I have discovered.

  2. David Chislett

    And for good reason I fear… That is among the reasons why I wrote the book… to help avoid that kind of situation by, among other things, acknowledging it exists.

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