Something’s Gotta Change

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analogue stopwatchA lot of crazy things are happening in our world. In fact, from the point of view of our daily lives, it seems that things really are going backwards rather than forwards.

In many countries, the Right is on the rise and people seem intent on forcing exclusionary, individualistic ideas on everyone around them. Even the Left has become a divisive, ‘With us or Against Us’ force that will not tolerate discussion or debate.

It seems ordinary people are trapped between rising tides of extremes in almost any direction you choose to look.

To my mind this is all evidence that the experiment of western capitalist civilisation has failed. In truth, it failed some time ago, but too many people had vested interests and have managed to prolong to status quo. Now, as new horrors unfold every day, I have to ask myself, how much longer can we ordinary people continue to just go along with this all? Do our comfortable little lives really mean so much to us that we are prepared to let so much evil go unchallenged?

It is a very dangerous time when the only opinions that are tolerated are polarities. When attempts to try and apply reason and logic are greeted with derision and hate you know that you are no longer dealing with civilisation, you are dealing with pure human emotion. We all feel threatened. I think we all know that it’s over and are terrified of when the actual, palpable hammer will fall.

Of course there are plenty of fear-mongering racist stories as to what that will look like: Muslims will take over and slaughter all Westerners, the Chinese will take over and do the same, the Hispanics, the Blacks etc. etc.

In Dystopian novels there is often a protagonist that recognises these perils and decides that Humanity no longer deserves to walk this earth. Well, sometimes you have to feel with that protagonist.

For too long we, as ordinary human beings, have accepted the idea that we cannot determine our own futures or be in control of our own destinies. We have for too long agreed that we need Kings and Politicians to make the decisions and control our lives. But we don’t and we should never trust anyone who wants to become one of these. Because they are just like us. They are not better versions of us. They are also full of fear, uncertainty, hate, even love. They make irrational, unsound decisions based on whims and assumptions just like we do.

It’s time we all started educating ourselves and started actually voting for values that will sustain humanity instead of polarising it. It’s time we stopped thinking only about our interests and our ‘people’ and realised that if all want to be around on this planet in a few hundred more years, we need to act in concert to stop War, pollution and poverty.

We don’t even need a revolution to do this, we just need to be very clear and vote accordingly. We need to create leaders who are not in the pockets of big capital and who are held directly accountable to those who vote for them. They need to be appointed, not allowed to win favour through electioneering. And they need to be servants on the people, bureaucrats with a job to do. We need systems where each vote actually does count and is not offset by Houses Of Lords, super delegates, rounded off by state or inferior to some elite electoral college.

Why don’t we do these things? Why do we shrug and say it is none of our concern? Why do we accept that we cannot change any of this? Because we can. If we just all actually followed our hearts and conscience.

Tax the rich evaders
Tax the giant corporations
Give justice to ordinary people
Stop protecting the few by exploiting the many

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