Start Smart, Stay Ahead

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A new music business education initiative has been launched by experienced veterans of the SA music scene. Entitled Start Smart, the workshops were written and developed by David Chislett and Bill Botes. The first covers the solid business basics of copyright, royalties, SAMRO membership and the like. The second workshop is designed to help artists plan and build for a definite future vision. The third is on the digital age and new tools available to bands to take themselves further while protecting their intellectual property.

The workshops are being launched ahead of the publication of Chislett’s beginners guide to the Music industry, “1,2,1,2: A Step By Step Guide To The SA Music Industry’ and they collate many years of experience with promoting, managing and publicising bands. The workshops will be presented by Botes Chislett and Sibu Molefe, better known as the owner of Publicity Stunt and the erstwhile manager of Skwatta Kamp.

This round of workshops is being offered to individual artists in one-on-one sessions, as well as group sessions for bands and will include larger, public sessions for big groups on demand. Both Botes and Chislett have been playing and managing bands since the late 80’s and bring all of their varied experience to bear in these workshops. Botes is also a web designer and programmer who brings plenty of digital experience to the table. Molefe is well known for his role in the success of Skwatta Kamp and its multitude of solo off shoots. He was also the project manager for Moshito 2009.

Artists can book their workshops by emailing Availability and full pricing available on request. Visit for more information on the workshop contents, pricing and availability.

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