Step Into The Bog

Step Into The Bog

Step Into The Bog
How uncertainty and ambiguity deliver answers

One of the key aspects of creative thought is the ability to step into the grey space between facts and entertain ‘What if’s’. To effect change, you must step into the bog of uncertainty.

For some people, this is so threatening to their sense of who and how they are that they cry out, ‘But I am not creative’ and wait for a concrete solution (a thing) to be delivered.

And yet, we live in a fog of ambiguity every single day. When you wake up, you do not know what the weather will be like. Once you have looked out the window, you have no certainty that the clothes you have chosen will still be suitable in the afternoon. So, you grab a raincoat or an extra layer.

All of these are uncertainties which we respond to creatively by adapting our behaviour. Creativity is the ability to investigate the future and see certain outcomes and then act in the present to prevent, adapt to or manipulate those perceived outcomes.

It requires us to let go of what IS and embrace would COULD be.

When you look at the history of human progress, you can’t help but notice a lot of running towards uncertain futures. We just do not know what we are doing. But we have ideas about where we want to go, and we make up ways to get there as we go along. As a species, this is what we do.

So, step into the bog. It’s ludicrous to throw up your hands and say, ‘I am not creative.’ You are. Your definition of what creativity is, is what’s at fault here. Because you got up today and solved a whole raft of problems to be here, online, reading this.

The question is not whether you are creative or not, but whether you are creative ENOUGH!

Politically, socially, environmentally, economically, our world is in the throes of massive changes. There’s a lot going on and just as many opinions about what it all means and how much of it can be believed. A lot of ambiguity, a lot of uncertainty.

One of the key stressors of times like these is people waiting for clear answers to emerge. They will, but only once someone has acted… and if that actor is not YOU, then you will be left behind, playing catch-up and being uncertain all over again.

Stop proclaiming your lack of creativity and start to make solutions that work for you, now. Because you do it everywhere else in your life every waking moment.

Do not let the vast sea of seething uncertainty out there intimidate you into inaction. The time to make huge stride sis NOW… these are the conditions for massive change that can be initiated by anyone.

Why shouldn’t it be you?

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