Stone Circles

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Megalothomania is coming to South Africa on 12 and 13 March… a conference of speakers from all over the world who are experts in the new interpretations of archeology and the history of the human race.

Among the speakers will be Graham Hancock, Robert Temple, Andrew Collins, Klaus Donna and Antoine Gigal. The prime mover behind bringing these luminaries to South Africa is our very own Michael Tellinger. Tellinger has been making waves internationally with his theories and discoveries. Of special interest to the world’s alternative thinkers right now are Tellinger’s ideas about the ancient stone circles ruins of Southern Africa, and the standing stone calendar he has dubbed Adam’s Calendar.

And so it is that in 3 hours, I will be heading out to Waterval Boven in Mmpumulanga to tour these artfects with Michael Tellinger and a crew of journalists as part of the build up to this grand event. If you’re interested in attending Megalithomania, visit and read all about it and book yourselves a ticket. We all know there is plenty we don’t know or understand about our history and these guys have some very intriguing ideas and artefacts to back them up.

So, farewell Johannesburg, see you next week!

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