Stuck In The Middle With You…

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I have been teaching this week, so I was struggling to find time and mental capacity for the re-write. However, getting up one hour earlier took care of that!

I have now worked my way through to the end of part II, or the middle of the book. I have made all of the corrections from my notes, plus new ones I have spotted as I go… its really hanging nicely and I feel starting to build a level of anticipation and the sense of impending change… I am pretty pleased.
I DO still have to write the overall inter-part link for this section now though… so will be stewing over that next week and getting t down.

In this week’s extract, Bud Bud, my drug dealer, has fled the city to work in a small country pub after being beaten up by the cops AND the psycho vigilante Johnny… He is drying out, hiding out and generally trying to get his shit together.

bar view“Almost immediately, trade picks up as the sundowner crew arrives. Serving endless rounds of beers, brandies and Cokes, and G&Ts, Bud Bud doesn’t notice as the next three hours fly by. Then it is the dinner eating bunch and he is kept busy helping clear tables and delivering orders in-between bar rounds. The place keeps filling up until at around 10pm, five hours into his shift, he becomes aware of the fact that there is a party going on. Standing behind the bar, Bud Bud feels a palpable shift in the energy of the room. It’s something he has noticed a few times before, now that he is completely sober. He grins and braces himself for the madness. According to his new theory, for the next 90 minutes, the dance floor will be full, the volume will peak and he will sell more shooters than he has all night and then, within two hours, the place will start to empty. He checks, it’s now 10:30. By midnight it will be over.

Sure enough, one couple takes to the floor in front of Dave, the one-man band as he hits out into some Dire Straits. As if waiting for the cue, three more couples join in. A couple of the local teens, clearly to Bud Bud’s professional eye, hopped-up on something, start to jump around in the shadows. The first order for ten tequilas comes in and then it starts to blur. This may be an older crowd, but that doesn’t mean they are shy. Once the dance floor is full, Bud Bud is certain he catches a glimpse of Patty in the middle of it. He stops and looks harder. Yes, there she is, dancing with a local. A really nice guy. Runs some business around here. Calm, doesn’t drink much, friendly. He semi-catches Patty’s eye before looking away and serving another round. But he is certain. She isn’t high. He shakes his head. Seen her on so many dance floors and never seen her straight. This is going to be an interesting night.”

From the novel “Johannesburg”
©2013 David Chislett

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