Summer Of English

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biz lang skillsEuropean summer is thoroughly upon us in Amsterdam and the world is once again moving and changing. However, if you work in a multi-national environment, improving your English is still going to be a priority.

This summer I am offering a wide range of English coaching and training including Public Speaking and Presentation training as well as coaching for job interviews in English if you are not a native speaker.

I am offering 1-on-1 coaching, grammar lessons, conversational classes and lesson built around the materials and content you use at work every day. Through an interview process I create customised solutions that will meet your needs and goals to help you improve your English. We will set goals and objectives together and work towards meeting them at your pace.

These classes can take the form of highly targeted one-off lessons or a series of coaching sessions, depending on your needs. Rates start from €50 per hour and are effected by factors such as venue, materials and the amount of hours booked.

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