Summer: She Come And Go

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So, from a narrative point of view I am now into the second quartet of the novel. This means I am half way through the first of four parts of the book. This is pretty cool. Finally I am getting into the space where the writing starts to flow when I sit down instead of their being some kind of mental arm wrestle taking place before I can get going.


However, starting the 2nd quartet was not easy. The drawback to this idea of almost self contained thematic blocks is that it is quite hard to firstly link them together, but secondly just get going with a new one. The first problem will be sorted comprehensively in the 2nd draft I am sure… the 2nd should get easier as I go… after all; there are 10 more quartets to come after this one!


I had a pretty cool inspiration moment while running on Monday as well. I started writing the book in the height of summer and it is definitely dipping towards autumn now. I should finish the first draft pretty much as spring starts. I am going to use the progression of the seasons in the book as well… still working out exactly how, but I suspect that, as in the movie 4 Rooms, I will start consciously working a subtly different colour palette in my descriptions. Part 1 is Summer, 2 will be autumn, 3 will be winter and 4 will be spring… I will be writing them in those season yes, but plot and theme wise it happens coincidentally to follow the development of my lead characters story and life. Pretty cool I thought.


So that was my ‘Aha’ moment for this week. I have added this into my story notes and guides that I am using and will be keeping it very top of mind as I go. This in itself will be easy. It is not quite light as I type this when, a mere 3 weeks ago it was already light at this time of day. I have to delay my morning run each day to wait for the light. And this will be fed in turn into the text.


I am glad to have gotten the establishing quartet done. Now Andrew can start to have the interesting encounters, adventures and conversations I have plotted out for him. Judging from his behaviour so far, he will also end up having a few I hadn’t considered too! A couple of the other characters are also really cosy-ing up to the limelight for more attention than planned and I am going to have to deal with them sooner rather than later. But that is what the coming week is for!

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