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In May, I posted a blog about Patreon and my poetry. I admit this was not an issue I thought I would need to confront when I started this journey. However, many people have simply never heard of Patreon and do not what it is or what it does.

So, I made this video here. If you’re watching it, you’re already significantly more informed than many people I talk to and interact with.

This is another step in my strategy to grow my Patron base and turn this into more of a working project than a hobby project. I have no deadline, but gains are still my goal.

Maybe you know someone you think would be interested in they knew WHAT THE HELL Patreon was? Please share the video with them.

I know many of us have subscription fatigue, but becoming a Patron cuts out the middleman, putting cash directly into the hands of makers, thereby empowering them and freeing them from the constraints of industry gatekeepers and watchdogs. In other words, becoming a Patron is a pretty revolutionary act!

I have been secretly working away making some cool Creator stuff, so I will be launching a new special offer again soon. The goal is to recruit new Patrons and to encourage $1 Patrons to sign up to the higher tiers for the really exciting and tasty benefits that so few people are currently enjoying!

So look out for that too. Meantime, I would value any inputs or suggestions you have for the Patreon Explainer Video!

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