Cat Herding And Other Exploits

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One of the guys working here at the country pub where I am living and working has also managed bands. As a result we’ve had some interesting conversations.   I decided to stop managing bands after working with The Hellphones until about 2005. But over the years I have worked … Read More

Thanks For The Music Psycho Simon

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By the time I hit my teens, I had already discovered so-called alternative music and culture through my siblings and my friends. But we were a bunch of alien outcasts in a grey conformist world that sneered at our black clothes, obscure lyrics and tiny, specialist record stores. Then, as … Read More

The Making Of 1,2,1,2

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In about 2008 I realised that if I was ever going to be truly happy, I needed to follow my heart and do what I was really passionate about. This is a bit weird considering I had been working for myself in the music industry full-time since 1995! The truth … Read More