Thanks For The Music Psycho Simon

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By the time I hit my teens, I had already discovered so-called alternative music and culture through my siblings and my friends. But we were a bunch of alien outcasts in a grey conformist world that sneered at our black clothes, obscure lyrics and tiny, specialist record stores. Then, as … Read More

Just How Did I Get Here?

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When I left school, I had only been playing music for 2 years. To me at least, it does seem odd therefore that 7 years later I was running a business managing artists all on my own. So how did that happen? Like a lot of what happened in the … Read More

Back In The Big Jozi Smoke

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So, it’s over, my big training contract is complete and I am back in Johannesburg. As part of my celebrations, I am playing a gig on Thursday night with my old mate Jay Bones! It’s the 50th Amuse Sessions gig at Amuse Cafe in 5th Street Linden and I am … Read More

Punk Rock To Rock Art

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One of thing things I love about living in Johannesburg is that you are constantly turning corners and finding amazing, unexpected things. One of these came to light a little while ago, but the full extent of it has only recently begun to emerge. Way back inthe 80’s there was … Read More