The Transition To Digital

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One of the key factors to my ability to stay alive in the last decade or so has been my facility and familiarity with digital mediums and my digital footprint which I have accrued over time. Miraculously, in our digital age, very few writers, publicists and PR companies, it seems, … Read More

The Making Of 1,2,1,2

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In about 2008 I realised that if I was ever going to be truly happy, I needed to follow my heart and do what I was really passionate about. This is a bit weird considering I had been working for myself in the music industry full-time since 1995! The truth … Read More

The Fast Lane At The Slow Lounge

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It’s Monday again. Instead of being behind my desk in my own office as I generally like to be, I am in the FNB Slow lounge in Cape Town International airport, waiting for my flight back to the Big Naartjie, JHB. The last few weeks have been inspiring, creative, hard … Read More

This Alternate World

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The thing about writing a novel is that every day, for a while, you step out of your day to day reality and into another world. This sounds great, but it’s quite a feat… especially when the world you are seeking to create doesn’t sit too well with the everyday … Read More

A Brand Spanking New Look

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After many comments about my site being a bit tired, we have refurbished and as you can see, it looks fabulous! A very big vote of thanks to Bill Botes for the incredible job of a redesign plus all the cool social media gadgets, newsletter function etc. etc. etc… … Read More

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