509 Words Of Nothing To Say

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It feels like I don’t have much to say at the moment. Every time a reminder pops up from my calendar to tell me to blog, I look at it blankly. Odd, because it’s not like there is nothing going on around here. Quite the contrary. I have had this … Read More

The Art Of Floating: Turd v Cream

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Today’s blog is about digital technology and the arts… I think. But that’s where I want to start anyway! It’s about giving things away for free and the value that people ascribe to things. It’s about how we see the world of art and business and how these two things … Read More

The Transition To Digital

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One of the key factors to my ability to stay alive in the last decade or so has been my facility and familiarity with digital mediums and my digital footprint which I have accrued over time. Miraculously, in our digital age, very few writers, publicists and PR companies, it seems, … Read More

A Novel Way To Start a Year

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I have been talking for some time about a novel that I will be writing. Well this week I finally got down with myself and the keyboard and got going. As part of the process of creation, I will be blogging every week about the writing of the week preceding … Read More