David Chislett’s Creative Juice 5 Step Maintenance Programme

There is a lot of advice out there about being creative… how to activate your creativity, to start being creative, to get out of creative block etc etc. Well, I have been writing poetry since I 1980 and have never really stopped. Actually, my creative CV is pretty impressive: Wrote … Read More

2017 Project News

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There has not been a huge amount in the way of news from me on this blog lately. This has not been because nothing is happening, but rather that a lot has been happening but is not quite ready to launch. This means that I *still* can’t say too much … Read More

5 Tips That Will Change How You See Working For Yourself (or not)

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Ever since LinkedIn launched the functionality whereby just about everyone can post actual articles onto the platform, I have been tasting the offerings published. This activity has resulted in some pleasing insights. It has also resulted in some insults to my intelligence. I admit, I was pleased when I heard … Read More

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