Save The Entrepreneur

Self-employment is fascinating. Entrepreneurs have become the Rock Stars the 20 teens. Which means there is just as much bullsh*t floating around about being an entrepreneur as there always was around rock ‘n roll. I know a lot of self-employed people. People who have passion and vision, who’s unconventionality makes … Read More

The Creativity Kickstarter Meet-Up

I am really pleased to let you all know that we (Transformational Story Telling) are kicking off the after-summer season with a creativity meetup designed to shake off the summer haze, and bring the best of your talents to your business. At this session we’ll be sharing how creativity works … Read More

You’re Not Alone (at least you shouldn’t be)

There have been some really good, empathetic and helpful reactions to this blog series so far. So much so that I wanted to pick up on a few threads with a special post on that feedback. The post on resilience really struck a chord and some insightful comments really got … Read More

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