2017 Project News

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There has not been a huge amount in the way of news from me on this blog lately. This has not been because nothing is happening, but rather that a lot has been happening but is not quite ready to launch. This means that I *still* can’t say too much … Read More

2012 Gratitude Blog

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So, the world didn’t end on 21 December and I for one am pretty grateful for that. I mean on one level it would have been pretty neat and symmetrical, not requiring certain things to be worked out. But I have big plans for 2013 so, all in all, I … Read More

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

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This week is shaping to be a monster! AS has been the case for the last 7 weeks, I am very busy with training on behalf of the IAJ with Media24. BUT I also have a couple of big things of my own going down. Adcock Ingram Wednesday sees the … Read More

Keeping On Keeping On!

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It has been a frenetic past 3 weeks! I started the training component of my contract with the Institute For The Advancement of Journalism, put together the launch of my poetry book and played my first two solo shows on guitar…. I am pretty fried! If you missed the book … Read More

Wish Me Luck As I Wave You Goodbye…

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2011 is dying a slow twitching death before me, reflected in declining email traffic, increasing Facebook spamming and the relentless new summer rainfall pattern in Joburg known as Cape Town winter rain. Last week I met the first person who has had a good 2011. Weird thing is it’s not … Read More

Hey Hey, It’s….

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Hello Friday my old friend, come and give me one of those big bear hugs of yours! Big week. Stuff is definitely moving around in the ether and I can’t say I am unhappy about that! Work jigsaw pieces falling into place, personal projects coming along nicely, personal life looking … Read More