From Wild Youth to Neue Wilde: Michael Flek on Creativity

This creativity interview is an experiment in including sound, photos and the interview into one little package. And the interviewee is Michael Flek: probably best known as the front-man of Durban punk band Wild Youth and one of the central characters in the documentary film Punk In Africa. However, Michael … Read More

Karoo Roads to Richmond

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So I spent the weekend down Richmond way, Northern Cape for the Boekbedonnered Festival. My first time there. I get the feeling it won’t be my last! Firstly, Richmond is a tiny, No-whereville town! It is basically two main streets and a small smattering of buildings. But it has charm. … Read More

Punk Progress

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It’s been a while since I posted anything here on Punk In Africa, the documentary film I am involved in, but we have been working away steadily on completing this incredible project. There is a great news all round as well as some interesting information that has come to light. … Read More

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