2017 Project News

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There has not been a huge amount in the way of news from me on this blog lately. This has not been because nothing is happening, but rather that a lot has been happening but is not quite ready to launch. This means that I *still* can’t say too much … Read More

Free Illustrated Short Stories

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The Pinstripe Punk is the short story I won the Ernst Van Heerden Creative Writing Award for from WITS. It was part of my collection A Body Remembered, published in 2009. This is an illustrated version created by the multi-talented Christopher Moon which captures the inner landscape of the main … Read More

1003 Tips To Make You A Better Writer

My feelings about teaching, coaching, training and generally encouraging writing are contradictory. On the one hand, I see an industry springing up around writing and digital publishing that has everything to do with Ego and very little to do with the art or craft of writing. I see endless courses … Read More

And This Week’s Guest is… Wade Cox!

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Wade Cox is an American author, born in 1973. He grew up in the city of Salem, located in Southwest Virginia but has also lived California (where his first book  takes place) and Florida.  He has been a writer for about 10 years, with 1 published novel, and a list of unpublished short stories … Read More

A Body Remembered eBook For Xmas!

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Just bought yourself or a loved one a Kindle or iPad for Christmas and have nothing on it to read? Invest in some South African literature this Festive season and purchase David Chislett’s brand new digital edition of his short story collection A Body Remembered, complete with 3 illustrated stories … Read More