Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

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When I was preparing to leave South Africa to go travelling a couple of years ago, a lot of people asked me: When will you be back? My honest answer then was that I had no idea, it could be 6 months, I might never go back. Today, on the … Read More

Happy Anniversary!

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One year ago today, at about 8pm, I stepped aboard an Emirates flight to Dubai, en route to England and I have no idea what else. All I had was a few hundred English pounds, 17kg’s of luggage and a job waiting in a pub…. Well, maybe waiting, needed to … Read More

The Paper Trail

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I have posted a few of these pics on Facebook before, but maybe you’d like to see em all in one place… tell you what, I am not even gonna caption them, you can figure it out I am sure!  

Healthy Habits

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For some time I have viewed Mondays as the perfect opportunity for new beginnings. When things aren’t going 100% the way you might like, a new week is a good chance to get up 5 minutes earlier (or later) and do something different in an attempt to change directions. So, … Read More

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