Sebastian Morrison on Creativity

Sebastian Morrison is a Londoner and a highly successful television editor and director (you’ve probably seen his work somewhere over the years). He is a person who needs his creativity to be always on, on demand, 24/7 (well, when on a job!) But Sebastian is also a photographer, a script … Read More

Romance Creative Secrets

This week’s creativity interview is with Louise Rose Innes…. A romance writer. I think sometimes people look at the romance genre and see a cookie cutter solution that just about anyone can do. But that’s clearly not the case. In this interview Louise shares her creative secrets and gives some … Read More

And This Week’s Guest is… Wade Cox!

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Wade Cox is an American author, born in 1973. He grew up in the city of Salem, located in Southwest Virginia but has also lived California (where his first book  takes place) and Florida.  He has been a writer for about 10 years, with 1 published novel, and a list of unpublished short stories … Read More