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cover page SSo, the survey was far from an unmitigated success… seems I have a lot to learn in terms of HOW I ask the questions I asked. However, it did give me some valuable insights.

The big take away is that Friday is no-ones favourite day to be getting my newsletter, so by popular demand, I am moving that to Thursdays… and we’ll see how that goes!

To say thank you to everyone who looked at the survey and/or responded, here’s a link to another illustrated sort story (pdf) that you can download… Thanks for taking the time and energy to tell me what you think.
Death Is A Warm Embrace (illustrated pdf)

I’ll probably do it again once I get a master-class in survey questions from Vicky Burger!

In the meantime, if there is any feedback you want to give me, please feel free to send me an email from this site here  or in the comments, LinkedIn or Twitter (links to the right)

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